On Target for Life

Nominations must be received by April 1 (Midnight PT). Awards will be presented prior to the National Tournament Awards Presentation.

Six awards have been created to be an opportunity to identify, recognize and celebrate special people that are a part of NASP®. Through their stories, NASP® continues to make a difference - One Arrow at a Time!

The Community Service Award  Top

A team award that will go to a NASP® team that makes a substantial positive impact to its community. Evidence should be provided to clearly illustrate where NASP® students and coaches decided, as a team, to voluntarily make an outstanding positive difference for those around them. Community members that can confirm the community impact should be involved in the nomination, and the school administration should also be included.

The Bullseye Award  Top

An individual award for a NASP® Student that has made notable positive strides in academic performance and behavior through their involvement with the program. As the name implies, this student is an example of the positive turnaround impact that survey data continues to imply for NASP® participants. This student, through their positive attributes and participation in NASP®, is now recognized as an ambassador for the NASP® program and their school community. Nomination should include the school principal.

The Superhero Award  Top

An individual award intended to recognize an unpaid volunteer that makes an outstanding positive impact on their NASP® class or team. This award, recommended by the NASP® advisory students, is a way to capture the immeasurable positive impact of the many NASP® volunteers that support students in the program. Evidence should include examples of how the "Superhero" goes above and beyond in their support of their NASP® students.

The Courage Award  Top

An individual award for a NASP® student that has overcome a major life event or disability, yet continues to inspire others through their participation in NASP®. They are an ambassador for NASP® and for what participation in it, represents for them. This is a student that continues to lead, inspire and provide hope to others as a NASP® student.

The Outstanding Alumni Award  Top

An individual award for a former NASP® graduate that experienced the positives of NASP®, and now continues to give back to their former school or team. They provide obvious service, support and/or a positive role model for current NASP® students to emulate. Clear evidence should be provided to explain how this individual is obviously supporting their previous NASP® program by "paying it forward." Examples of how this individual has supported the program are pivotal in the decision making for this award.

Coach of the Year Award  Top

An individual award for a NASP® educator/coach. The educator/coach must be nominated by at least the majority of the NASP® students of his/her team or class. The award must have the support and co-nomination of the school administration. This award is not dependent on success or even participation in current NASP® tournament structure. The nominee must have a proven history of making an overwhelming positive difference in the lives of participating NASP® students.

This is a student-nominated award specifically recognizing attributes of the coach beyond just their ability to teach the fundamentals of archery. Specific examples of how the coach has gone above and beyond in the lives of their NASP® students is pivotal in the decision making for this award.